Paula McLoughlin - A Convergence of North and South #8


'A Convergence of North & South #8'



Edition 5/5



'I have fallen in with icebergs.

I was given a view of Antarctica though someone else’s eyes, and then I went to the Arctic Circle. That clinched it. Icebergs have a gravitas and a menace; they are beautiful, dangerous and unpredictable like the bad boys & girls that always look so inviting, there is something much deeper and hidden.

There is history in that ice, slowly traveling through the oceans and dissolving. Icebergs are like looking into the night sky, we only see things now, things that are long gone, icebergs are an encapsulated history, the past revealing itself momentarily and then disappearing into the sea.

Their bold nonchalance hides their fragility and instability – they are one of our canaries

The exhibition A Convergence of North & South is a series of prints constructed of the icy elements of the southern and northern tips of the earth, floating in a made up sea. The images are constructed of layers of dots or colours, a representation of the conundrum that surrounds an object that is so solid and architectural but just dissolves. An object that, when held in the hand is clear but shows off so much colour when seen from a distance.

See, I had fallen in with icebergs.'