Rowena Hannan - Europa
Rowena Hannan - Europa



Dimensions: 590(H)x 300(W)x330(D) mm .

Raku clay, metal stand, earthenware and sawdust fired, screen printed text.

About Europa :The child Europa, at play wearing a Bull’s head references the prophecy of her fate as the Phoenician princess, abducted by Zeus under the guise of the bull, to Crete.

Translation of fragmented text: Europa
“And gradually she lost her fear, and he
Offered his breast for her virgin caresses,
His horns for her to wind with chains of flowers
Until the princess dared to mount his back
Her pet bull's back, unwitting whom she rode.
Then—slowly, slowly down the broad, dry beach—
First in the shallow waves the great god set
His spurious hooves, then sauntered further out
'til in the open sea he bore his prize
Fear filled her heart as, gazing back, she saw
The fast receding sands. Her right hand grasped
A horn, the other lent upon his back
Her fluttering tunic floated in the breeze”. Ovid

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