Anne O'Connor - 'Time and Tide II'


'Time and Tide II' - Single edition pigment print photograph on brushed aluminium 70x70cm

When considering the concept of time, my mind immediately went to this statement   - “Time & Tide waits for no man, least of all Georgie Moore”. The actual meaning is not clear, but Time & Tide was the name of a racehorse and Georgie Moore was a well known jockey. I suspect it is linked to a particular race and whatever occurred at the time, with either Georgie Moore riding Time & Tide, or a situation linked to Moore’s riding processes. I am unable to determine what this was specifically. I would need my grandmother around to tell me, but it is a saying that stuck with me from childhood.

As a photographer, I am very aware of time in relation to imagery which is about being at the right place at the right time. In other words, ‘chasing the light’, which is related to time.   Living on an island, the ocean and water is very much part of my work and the tide plays a big part in relation to light & timing. Tides are also linked to the moon, which controls our yearly calendar and time. So hence, my decision to provide a series of water images using time and tide to achieve the effects I was looking for during the periods of time it was possible. And no, it didn’t wait for me either!!