Anne O'Connor - Technology Twist


Single edition pigment photograph on acrylic


We have become puppets in a technological world, controlled by a web that dangles us from afar. Some people escape, but others get so caught up they don't believe there is a need to find a way out. The binding is invisible, leading us to places unknown, as well as to places we know well.

We move blindfolded on highways, sometimes in circles looking for straight lines, directed by a voice of wisdom we adhere to. "Turn around when possible", "make a U turn", "take the third exit ".

We obey without question, often heading back the way we have come, making our paths more complicated than intended. The landscape becomes invisible, as our eyes shut fast and we dangle on strings to the dance of the web, gaining momentum as we move within it or around it. Caught in circles with no end, waiting for the words "you have reached your destination" . . . At that point we open our eyes and the strings cease to exist but the question remains , "Is this real, or just a figment of the imagination".