Anne O'Connor - Into the clouds


Into the clouds


Single edition pigment print photograph on brushed aluminium

We travel many places. Some places leave imprints on our mind, others are quickly forgotten. Some grow on us more than others and the time spent in a place captures varying degrees of our presence. It is often a moment in time that stays with us, a chance encounter, imprinted upon our person, which comes with us when we leave, to be confined to memory for the future. My work is about moments in time and relationships. This encompasses both the natural world and the world of humans. It is about stories and/or design, a chance happening in a place that takes me beyond the present to somewhere else. I am attracted by light, movement and the tiny things that are simple, yet not always seen by everyone. My strength is the ability to look beyond the surface and explore these moments of time with a camera. It is about seeing and sharing my vision with others through my eyes and through photography. These works are about place and keeping these memories alive, but in particular they are about Tasmania. Each work is a tiny example of the beauty found on her shores and in her forests, co- existing together within a place I call home.