Simon Rankin

IMAGE: Simon Rankin, 'Diagram 6' 70x50cm, Giclee print
IMAGE: Simon Rankin, 'Diagram 3' 70x50cm, Giclee print 
IMAGE: Simon Rankin,'Diagram 5' 70x50cm, Giclee print 

Simon Rankin works in both digital and traditional mediums. A majority of his work is printmaking.

His picture making practice incorporates improvisational processes confined within predefined constraints. Works are often produced in series or groups addressing imposed formal and design relationships.

Subjects and motifs in Simon’s practice commonly revolve around diagrammatical visual elements. Maps, graphs, systems, flow charts and geometries are often incorporated into compositions. Elements of graphic design are also drawn into works, for example typographic fragments, symbols and grid structures.

A common thread or theme is reuse and recycling. Works often contain motifs of discarded material, disused graphic elements or re digested visuals from previous artwork.  
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