Ralph Bristow

IMAGE: Ralph Bristow, 'Shame' 120x120cm Acrylic on canvas
IMAGE: Ralph Bristow, 'The skin on the river' 120x120cm Acrylic on canvas
IMAGE: Ralph Bristow, 'Landscape and legs overlay' 120x120cm Acrylic on canvas.
Ralph Bristow is a visual artist who lives in North East Regional Victoria. He has recently completed a purpose built studio overlooking the Broken River. This space had allowed him to paint on canvas, expanding and exploring new possibilities. Ralph’s paintings are multidimensional. Arranged in a form of mindful collage combined with complex colour combinations as well as monochromatic palates. He applies paint spontaneously, synchronising hand and eye with the present moment, streaming consciousness into his work. Some paintings are resolved relatively promptly, keeping the work fresh and expressive, trying to hold and capture a moment. Other works are more complex in their resolve, telling a story of going through a process of layering, obliterating, repainting, building up paint that weaves in, out and through his work. Works are gouache, ink, aquarelle pencil, mediums on paper as well as acrylic on canvas. He is inspired by his experiences of the spirit, science, landscape and present consciousness. Ralph Bristow is interested in how his paintings are a portable meeting place, a place where lives mingle, where his work is transformed from his experience into the lives of the viewer. 

'In this body of work I am exploring many elements in landscape, itʼs history and present status, what “was” and “is”. And the duality of my own inner landscape as it were running in parallel with these themes. I find it interesting that so many elements, feelings and issues come together on my canvasʼ, through streaming with my consciousness. There is also an exploration in colour and experimenting with mediums / palettes. The paintings go through a real physical process of application and obliteration, trying to find a depth of meaning and resolve.

There are issues concerning whatʼs happening with indigenous culture, social issues within our environment, the gentrification of the land around where I live and what lies beneath all this. There is also a celebration of the beauty that is found in and around myself in the landscape, feeling the sacred, finding the shapes, shadows, light, flora and fauna. So there is a large element of inspiration coming from the landscape but it is expressed through the moment of painting and feeling.

Each painting has a story and hopefully a surprise. I enjoy hearing and seeing what the viewer has to add to the paintings with there worlds of experience and realities. Worlds within worlds, realities and universes existing together.'

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