Peter Quarry

Image: Peter Quarry 'Seize the day'100x100cm mixed media on canvas
Image: Peter Quarry 'Now or never'100x100cm mixed media on canvas
Image: Peter Quarry 'Let it go' 100x100cm mixed media on canvas

I have always drawn and painted. Since I was a young child.

When I took up painting seriously, after a long and successful career as a psychologist, I was initially drawn to portraiture. Sort of makes sense, doesn't it? The ex-psychologist likes to paint people!

 In 2016, I decided to leave portraiture for a while. In fact, like many formerly figurative painters, I have chosen to venture into abstraction. I want too see if I can find a way of communicating visually, that is not dependent on representation in the traditional sense.

This current series, ‘Imperatives’, explores the common three-word expressions people say to each other to encourage action or improvement.

The idea came to me during the 2015 Paris climate change conference. I heard many people making pleas for change to government officials, industry, the public and others.

Made using recycled fabric scraps, ‘Imperatives’ juxtaposes these sayings with textures and palettes that suggest a post-apocalyptic world, in which all the talk has come too late.

So the message is both of gloom but also hope, because this very body of work is an attempt to reduce environmental degradation. These scraps would have ended in landfill. Now they are pieces of art.

I hope to trigger emotional reactions to, and deep reflection on, our behavioural responses to climate change. And to the gap between words and action!

Curriculum Vitae