Paul Eves

Image: Paul Eves, I Think I Love You, 2015, Intaglio Print on Found Record Covers, Framed Size 25 x 25cm  
Image: Paul Eves, Dark Side of the Moon, 2014, Digital Print from Intaglio Prints Printed on Vinyl, 300 x 200cm  

Image: Paul Eves, Can’t Buy Me Love, 2016, Print Installation with Intaglio Prints, Gold Leaf and Vinyl Records, Size Variable

'I think of myself as part artist and part cultural archaeologist. I explore the porosity of analogue technology and examine traces of the original text and the sub text of the human experience with it. It is within the perceived authenticity of analogue that I become seduced by the aura of the object itself. Whether it is vinyl records, tape or film, I consider the role of my art practice in describing it, writing it and visualising it. I celebrate analogue in the face of its digital opponents and through my physical intervention bring new life to the medium, it becomes an act of retrieval or recovery.' - Paul Eves


Curriculum Vitae