Nathan Moshinsky


Nathan Moshinsky - Tropical Flowers, Oil on canvas 60x54cm

Nathan Moshinsky - Blue Buddha, oil on canvas, 63x48cm

Nathan Moshinsky - Still life with oranges, Oil on canvas, 53x63cm


The magic of still life painting is that it can show us a new way of looking at inanimate objects. Placed by the artist in a chosen relationship, they can be imbued with a life beyond the ordinary. Also, the objects can evoke an emotional response and convey cultural, philosophic or religious associations.

In my still life painting I have experimented with colour relationships sometimes exaggerating contrasts of complementary colours, as in “Tropical Flowers” and Lillies,” to create an intensity of mood reflecting a sense of joy and excitement.

However, in the “Blue Buddha” I have sought to capture a quieter and more contemplative feeling using the images of the moon and a Buddha. Also in the “Cup of Elijah,” I have arranged objects in a circular fashion using a Jewish religious wine cup and candlestick to express a sense of sacredness and unity.

Ordinary objects can gain a special significance in a still life painting because of their seeming incongruity. In my painting “ Cat with oranges” I have used a composition depicting a porcelain Cat with some oranges in a bowl. The contrasts of colour and forms in this painting were used for this purpose.

Also, in “ Market produce”, I have sought to explore the beauty reflected in individual vegetables because of their individual differences of colour, shape and texture, made more apparent through relationship in a group. Their interdependence enhances their individuality.

In all these works I have attempted to use the subject matter of my paintings as a vehicle for exploration of an inner reality, as well as an external and objectively visible one .


Curriculum Vitae