Mark Holsworth


Mark Holsworth - Just like honey, oil on board 60x50cm

Mark Holsworth - Painting and guns, oil on board, 30x40cm

Mark Holsworth - Portrait of Richard Watts, oil on board 60x45cm

My still life oil paintings are like 17th century baroque still lives only that the flowers and fruit have been replaced with manufactured objects. I like the dramatic chiaroscuro lighting and inventive interpretations of the baroque.
I am trying to extend the still life genre. Some paintings make references to art, as in “The Raft of the Medusa” by Théodore Géricault, and to the idea of history in art. In others I turn collections of objects into portraits, as in my portrait of Richard Watts.
Objects belonging to the person can tell more about a person than their face. They can tell us about their history, occupation, psychology, relationships and passions. Who now believes that the physiognomy of a person is any indication of character? (Please make enquires with Beth Hulme if you would like to commission such a portrait.)
Mark S. Holsworth