Lorna Crane

Image: Lorna Crane, Large handmade brushes (installation shot)
Image: Lorna Crane, Large handmade brushes (detail)
Image: Lorna Crane, Large handmade brushes detail)

For over twelve months now I have been making handmade brushes in a variety of mediums in all shapes and sizes. I have become obsessed with the research of brush making and the construction of handmade brushes in its many forms.

My intent was to push mark making further by creating a more personalised approach to a meaningful visual lexicon for myself as a contemporary landscape artist. To explore the language of mark making via the uniqueness of the brush, resonating with the utilitarian and rudimentary fashioned manner that 'becomes' as part of the process.

Over the past few months I started collecting marine debris sourced from the south coast of NSW from Kiama to Eden Wharf. The materials collected include driftwood, palm fronds and fishing nets. The oversized brush inspired forms for this show imposes questions relating to our coastal environmental issues and the impact to marine life on our shores.


Curriculum Vitae