Jane Sinclair

IMAGE:Jane Sinclair, 'Hope' 100x100 oil on canvas
IMAGE: Jane Sinclair, 'The old horseman' 100x100cm oil on canvas
IMAGE:Jane Sinclair, 'Sex and Romance' 120x120cm oil on canvas 
I have an amazing ability. I can look up to the sky and attempt to imagine the never-ending vastness of space, and understand that our tiny blue planet is just a speck in this enormous universe, which itself is just one of countless others. I can do this because I am human. And, contemplating my own insignificance in this way can create a feeling so sublime it's almost religious. We are extraordinary. We alone, in the animal kingdom, are capable of existential thought, and we alone have created our own existential threat. We have the foresight to envisage a world we may be creating, a world of acidic seas full of plastic residue, and violent, extreme weather. With our big brains we can understand in abstract, the approaching danger, yet seem unwilling to act because it is not there in front of our eyes. Our hubris is so great that we believe we will triumph somehow, because we are so clever, so inventive and because so far we have avoided extinction. We even think we may be able to move to Mars. Meanwhile, the majority of the world's population struggle just to survive.
 Almost without exception, all my paintings are about 'Being Human'. I paint out my frustration with human greed, callousness and cruelty, and it helps no-one. I seethe with anger at every injustice I hear of, yet do nothing. I am human. Some people dedicate their lives to helping people or helping change things for the better, and I applaud them from the comfort of my own self-centredness. Being Human, I can rationalize, or be philosophical about that without disliking myself. Being human means that rationality, irrationality, kindness, cruelty, intelligence, stupidity, hope and despair can sit beside one another, even within the one brain. We are nothing if not fascinating. 

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