Anne Warren

Image: Anne Warren 'Sticks and Wings' mixed media collage 20x20cm
Image: Anne Warren 'Fish fin children' mixed media collage 20x20cm
Image: Anne Warren 'Friends in space' mixed media collage 20x20cm
(Giclee print available, limited edition of 25 39x34cm)

An image or a fragment of an image found in an old book that has caught my attention will become the genesis for me to build and layer in collage using several different sources of books and media. The disparate cutouts I began selecting and assembling unknowingly led me to the creation of a series of joyful hybrid habitats for children including, space, dogs and insects. The natural world is affected by human activity and here the habitats I have created are in harmony with the environment.

My art practice consists of collage, digital imaging, still-life painting, abstract, commissions and conducting Workshops in Art from my Alphington based studio.


Curriculum Vitae